I am craving stability right now, solid lines and substantial shapes. I want well-made happy things that remind me of the webs of connection with my community. My yearnings are reflected in this month's work: a batch of happy, light-hearted pillows, made with love, levity and consciousness.

There eleven fluffy pillows.  This batch, which took three weeks from design to execution, is an exercise in craftsmanship and conscious design.  Craftsmanship because each pillow was cut, sewn and embroidered by hand.  Conscious design because every bit of fabric was used up, I integrated a bunch of fine vintage material in the process.

As for the connections, most are local.  I purchased a bolt of light grey linen fabric locally and used vintage and natural material, mostly silk and linen, plus a fine cut of wool suiting that I found at my favorite vintage stores.

But there is a link to France tooL an extraordinary piece of woven Mahlia Kent fabric.  Mahlia Kent was Chanel's long-time fabric designer.  The brand, which caters to the couture world has a wonderful Parisian store.  A couple of years ago, I had the chance to acquire a suitcase full of samples and remnants which I am now incorporating in my work.  Going to France is impossible right now, so it felt good to this particular material.

Take a look at the pillows.   I would love for them to find a place in your home, or a friend's home and complete the connection between the many people who made and preserved the material, me, the designer and producer and you, who will soon care for these pieces.

A bientôt

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