To dream is to allow ourselves the complete creativity to build the universe we need to restore our spirit, heal, laugh, think, play and most of all, rest.  

In her podcast titled "Le Paradis est ici" (Eden is here), French reporter Sonia Kronlund interviews Evelyn, a woman who creates her own paradise by shaping her house with objects that give her pleasure.  Evelyn describes the feeling of being completely at ease in her space, drifting into calm and repose as she lets go of thinking and is lulled into her cocoon.

The Dreamer is an ode to those of us who create and nurture our dreamscape by surrounding ourselves with objects we cherish.   I know a teacher who collects Hello Kitty dolls and a man who covers his walls with maps.  Dreams are infinite, so are the rooms of the dreamers.

May your dream room be marvelous.    Mine is mysterious and often exciting, the place where everything starts and end, where I return, night after night, to be my true self.


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