Hand-embroidery is all about time and the choice to  spend energy on a few square inches of fabric.  It's a slow process.   I have been told that there are faster, better ways to do things.

I beg to differ.

Just the other day, a neighbor posted a message on Facebook: "I am looking for a place that does monogramming.  I need it quick and  I don't want to spend a fortune on this."

I read this post as I was taking a break from embroidering the word "Gratitude", in silk and cotton on blue corduroy.  The vintage corduroy demanded that I worked with care so the nine letters in "gratitude" took over eight hours to complete.  While working, I talked on the phone with my parents, I attended a zoom meeting from the SBDC network at the University of Houston (pausing to take notes). and  I listened to an episode of "The Queen's Gambit".

I also had plenty of time to ponder about my neighbor's request for fast, cheap monogramming.  I thought about offering my services but knew better.  My monograms are lasting and beautiful, but I am neither fast nor cheap.   I don't want to.

How we spend time is all that matters; I am choosing to spend mine as slowly as possible.  I making every moment count, creating things that last.  This isn't a race, but the opposite: a profound gratitude for every second that is granted me.

Time is a finicky thing. My eyes won't last, neither will my fingers.  Someone will get sick.  Friends will move.  Politics will shift.  Considering all the uncertainties of the world, slowness is a reasonable choice, perhaps even the wiser course of action: a profound gratitude for the present moment. 

As for monograms, email me if you'd like to order one. I will make it beautiful and memorable, nothing like you've ever seen.  It'll take time.  All good things do.

A bientôt!








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  • A great message on Thanksgiving Eve. And of course, eye-catching embroidery!

    Patricia Mione on

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