There's that one email I keep returning to. It's from Jane Dunnewold, textile artist and teacher extraordinaire, founder of the Creative Strength Training program.  

"Take back ownership of your creative self" the email urges, and goes on to enumerate the damages perpetrated by "The Critical Committee", that chorus of persistent voices - teachers, family, friends - whose criticism plays and replays in our minds.

Jane Dunnewold won't have any of it. She's made it her life mission to uproot the Critical Committee.  Her training is practical, supportive and joyous.  I know because I participated for two years in a row and still keep up with the spirited band of makers that I met there.

Creative Strength is not the same as creativity.  There are lots of books, tips and resources to jolt your creativity into producing something.  These are great but Jane takes a different approach.  Her creative exercises aren't the end game but the way-through.  Her suggestions, videos and prompts are more like mental push-ups: they are designed to get you stronger.  

The point is not to be artistic, but to be open: to seeing things differently, to experiencing new tastes, feelings, sensations, to venturing - if just a little - outside your comfort zone.  This is pure joy and fresh air.  This is the key to unlock the  door to the Critical Committee's stuffy little room.  

Take a look. Check out Jane Dunnewold's website.  See how fierce and kind this woman is.  She could be your guide.  It could be fun.  It could be new.  You could meet new people there and be surprised at what you find, deep within yourself.

Enjoy the adventure.



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