January is the time to declutter so I have been hitting the “unsubscribe” button on many of the newsletters landing in my inbox. 

But I am keeping Susie Monday’s "El Cielo Studio" weekly newsletter.

In a previous blog, I made the argument that the only effective way to counter invisibility and silencing is to train our sight on each other and spread the word about our work, talents and passions.  In that spirit, let me introduce you to Susie.

First her fortunate name: Susie Monday, like the woman next door and the start to a very good week rolled into one.  Then her studio, El Cielo, like a gift from heaven.  

Next Susie, a firecracker of a textile artist whom I met at Jane Dunnewold’s Creative Strength Training retreat two years ago, when she came to give a demo about the creative power of the iPad.  Susie is a digital enthusiast who has pioneered a range of techniques to create iPad art  as the basis for quilts and printed textiles.  She is a talented teacher who is determined to share her knowledge in an approachable, friendly, matter-of-fact manner.  Her artwork is big and bold, always moving, always exploding with color and rhythm.   Her writing is fun and personable.

Susie teaches, makes, creates, sews, reads, shares, sells, thinks, explains and nudges you toward exploration.  She also puts together a hell of a newsletter with catchy headlines, tons of links, references and beautiful images.  It takes a lot of work to produce that much content  and I simply amazed at her constant energy and glorious output.  

Susie Monday's is the newsletter I love to receive.  It is also the one that I save up for future reference because there is always so much in it, from news, to techniques, to random bits of inspiration.  The opposite of fluff.

Susie did not ask me to write these words.   I like what she does and want you to know about it.  

Visit her website, subscribe to her enjoyable newsletter.



Note:  photo credit, "Outside the Lines" by Susie Monday - with artist permission



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  • Susie is a constant source of inspiration and I, too, enjoy her wonderful newsletter. I met Susie at a SAQA conference and was blown away by her iPad presentation and the work she showed. I’ve now taken all of the iPad classes Susie offers online and they have added a whole new layer to my collage and art quilts. Fiber artists are lucky to have generous teachers like Susie and the aforementioned Jane Dunnewold among our ranks.

    Mary Jo Stipe on

  • Thanks for sharing and checked out her newsletter. Wow! Chock full of interesting art info! Take care and hopefully will be back living in Houston before the summer so I can borrow that book from you! Happy New Year!

    Lamar Mendiola on

  • Wow! When you asked to publish some of my work and some thing about me on your blog I was impressed but now I am awestruck. You are so kind and this is such a wonderful thing for me today because I am having one of those weeks. My mom is in the hospital she’s 95 and facing surgery tonight and we are all hoping for the best I appreciate every word you said about my work and I hope to live up to keeping my newsletter on your list

    Susan Mcatee Monday on

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