Someone, anyone, please give us a road map on how to navigate the challenges ahead. Covid cases are surging here in Houston. Some official voices tell us this will soon be under control. Others ring the red alarm bell. I want straight answers, clarity.

For over three months we've been limiting our movements and kept to a very small socially-distant circle of visitors. For the longest time our precautions seem disproportionate to the number of active cases in the city. This has changed, and fast. Daily now, we are receiving reports of friends and acquaintances who have become ill. And there were more bad news this week about about other non-Covid-related illnesses.

Usually, I would say I am super-comfortable navigating the grey areas of life but just this once, I wish someone would find the manual on how to handle this and send me a copy, pronto.

This week I started a new wall-hanging which will take a couple of weeks to complete I incorporate the portraits of real people in the wall hangings so they really are textile portrait. The theme for the upcoming piece is "a new generation". This will be a child's portrait and I am really excited about it. I will give you a glimpse next week and also post updates on Instagram so stay tuned.

I did work on two hats this week. Both pieces reflect the clarity I am longing for.


The hats, both black, were embroidered with geometrical patterns worked white on black.

One hat is a generic referee hat that I embroidered with two panels of Japanese sashimi embroidery. In a divided world, a referee is sorely needed. It's a tough job too. The sober but respectful pattern is meant to both honor and humor those among us who have to play referee.

The second hat is a black trucker that I re-embroidered with a pattern of crosses. The pattern is a variation of my own design. At first glance, this is a somber hat but it's actually much more than that. Each cross represents a loss or challenge that the wearer is facing. The letter C (for clarity) appears as a large letter that is only visible because of the contrasting embroidery around it. This hat is about finding the straight path in a complicated world.

As for me, it's back to the studio. July will be about portraits. I will share some of what inspires me, give you behind-the-scene shots of the studio and show you the art.

Enjoy. A bientôt!

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