Gone are the dull days of sit-down corporate training.  Everything you need to know is on Youtube.  This week, my teacher is That Icelandic Guy, a congenial red-bearded Swede who is showing me how to shoot a fifteen-second Instagram reel.

The fifteen-second video is the new backbone of the social media.  It's fast, furious and punchy.  It's the absolute opposite of the slow, steady, sensitive art of hand-embroidery. 

I am puzzling over the question of reconciling my love for slow-made work with the current appetite for fast images.  I want to participate, but how?  This is interesting.

My first instagram reel shows a set of buttons I embroidered this week.  I created after reading a Threads Magazine archived article about button-embroidering techniques.   Embroidering buttons is hard.  The work is tiny and it can be  incredibly frustrating to try and place the finished  product into the tiny aluminum frames.  

No regrets though.  And I loved making the tiny videos.  Take a look.  Let me know if you are experimenting with videos as well.  Post a link in the comments; I would love to see your work.

A bientôt,










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