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The Valiant Video

Instagram Reels are all the rage.  The question is: how do you show slow work in a fast format?

Miraculous Mentors

To “emerge” at fifty-plus is a sobering challenge rooted in the humbling return to square one - like returning to kindergarten after getting a  PhD.  I am grateful for my many mentors, even as I t...

Viva Value Village

In a virtual, predictable world, I like to know there is a place where I can wander at will and decide for myself what will and will not do for me, a place where my desires are entirely my own, unt...

One foot in front of the other

One year into the confinement, I know better than set a deadline for a return to normal.  For now, a routine is comforting.  In the midst of so much uncertainty, it is just fine to keep putting one...

3 Podcasts to keep your mind engaged

Hand-stitching is an exercise in patience.  I can work for hours at a time as long as my mind is engaged.  Podcasts come in handy.  Here are three favorites for you to try.

Let us praise the accountants

If you believe the charmed world of Instagram, art emerges fully-formed from the white-walled studios of young artists with perfect hair and attractive teeth.  The reality is murkier.  Art is the ...

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