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The marvelous work and art of Susie Monday

January is the time to declutter so I have been hitting the “unsubscribe” button on many of the newsletters landing in my inbox.  But I am keeping Susie Monday’s "El Cielo Studio" weekly newslette...

Why I collect French vintage napkin holders

The best place to find exceptional vintage linen is a Sunday morning flea market in France.   The best markets are small-town affairs where local organizations rent space to families wanting to e...

Rethink the Dress Code

  For over fifty years, we have been conditioned to treat our bodies as canvases for a revolving display of mass-marketed clothing.   We purchased clothes for leisure, but mostly, we purchased the...

Worthy of our love

In a New Year marked by uncertainty and boredom there's plenty to gripe about.  What if gripingwere just what we needed?  In "The Art of Noticing", Rob Walker reminds us of that a source of creati...

The wow factor of handmade embroidery

Embroidery is wonderful but while machine made embroidery is typically limited to a narrow range of textures, hand embroidery uses a much wider range of striking textures and effects.

Grateful for time

Hand-embroidery is all about time and the choice to  spend energy on a few square inches of fabric.  It's a slow process.   I have been told that there are faster, better ways to do things. I beg t...

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