PMNEIST was born from a love for meaningful connections, a joyful creativity and a passion for handcrafted textiles.

Embroidery is a patient art form.  
Whether embroidering by hand or by machine, we take whatever time is needed to ensure perfection, uniqueness and creativity.  Our products are designed to last and evolve into beloved heirlooms and collector pieces.  We take the time to make things well so you can take the time to enjoy them.

We work with high-quality natural fiber such as linen, cotton, silk and wool.  Many designs incorporate vintage and antique material particularly clothing, linen and hand-embroidered vintage fabric.   But we also love the quirkiness of green corduroy, the exuberance of feathered trims and the wild abandon of fabric ink.  Whatever makes us joyful.  Because we love to share our creativity and you deserve the best and happiest work.

We charge fair prices based on the time, labor and material needed to produce each piece.  We don’t embroider nudity, obscenity or violence.  We pay fair wages.  Most importantly, we love and respect our clients and faithful supporters.  We carefully package and ship each purchase and include personal thank you notes and little extra.  Because life is about care and connections and we are thrilled that you like our work.

We create uplifting art that spreads joy.
We produce discerning pieces that enrich space.
We handcraft heirlooms that celebrate memories.
We curate unique gifts that show love.

P.M. Neist is a French-born contemporary embroiderer based in Houston, Texas. Rooted in the handmade traditions of her French heritage, Neist’s work redefines embroidery through the use of vintage objects, textiles, and images. Using text, digital collage, drawing, and embroidery Neist produces embroidered works that are universal in their emotion and deeply intimate in their craftsmanship.   For Neist, the embroidery thread weaves the fabric of a vibrant life that she generously shares through her art and craftsmanship.

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