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Heirloom Shirt

Designed to instill the memory of beautiful moments, each heirloom shirt is handcrafted to the measurement and specific preferences of its wearer.  Using an eco-friendly origami pattern, each shirt is made from carefully curated fabric that is hand-embroidered with individualized patterns from the exclusive PM Neist samplers. 

While the heirloom shirts can be sewn from all or part new material, the pattern is designed to make use of recycled material that is important to the wearer: a baby’s shirt, a grandmother’s nightgown, a linen tablecloth, a lace handkerchief. 

All heirloom shirts are special and realized with the greatest care and craftsmanship including hemmed seams.  Because your memories deserve to be cherished  Because the past can be transformed into a joyful present.  Because your loved ones deserve the best. 

Use the contact form to start a conversation about your heirloom shirt.

Allow 6 to 8 weeks for completion, depending on the project.

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