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Three Birds

Three birds signifying Peace, Love and Strength infuse this large embroidered panel with a calm mood. This unique work is part of a series of four panels with spiritual themes.  The high contrasting colors of the birds are tempered with a highly embroidered, tempered purple shading.   This unique piece is designed to create a sense of peace and harmony into a thoughtful personal space.


The work, which measures 24”x36”, was realized with layers of printed upholstery fabric, white canvas  backed with recycled felt.  It is embroidered extensively to create the subtle purple shading and the raised texture of the birds.  Additional material include wool suiting, wool, polyester fiber, silk, linen and cotton.  The panel  is designed to either  hang directly on a wall or be framed in a standard 24” x 36” frame.   The design can accommodate a vertical or horizontal space.

Wall hanging system sold separately.

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